Rastelli Procedure

(See Normal Heart Image for comparison)

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(See TGA/VSD/PA for a pre-Rastelli heart image)

  1.  A Gore-tex patch is placed to both close the hole in the septal wall (VSD) and to direct oxygen-rich blood from the left ventricle to the aorta.
  2.  The narrowed section of the pulmonary artery is  replaced with a valved vessel (artificial or donated) that allows oxygen-poor blood to flow from the right ventricle (through the pulmonary artery) into the lungs.
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  2. Anand

    What a Great and detailed Website . Thank you
    I was wondering if you could draw something for  Nikaidoh procedure and email me  as my son will be having the Nikaidoh procedure done next week.

    1. Can you give me his initial diagnosis so I know what to start with? 

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