112a – Atrial Septostomy, Pulmonary Banding

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(Click here to see this heart BEFORE the Atrial Septostomy OR after the bi-directional GLENN OR after the Fontan procedure)

1- Atrial Septostomy: “ostomy” is an artificial hole.  “sept” refers to the septal wall that separates the right atrium and the left atrium.

They thread a cath up into the heart and then poke it through the atrial wall.  Then there’s a balloon on the end of the cath that they blow up a little.  Then they quickly pull the balloon back through the wall.  This makes a large, artificial ASD (atrial septal defect).  It allows more oxygen-rich blood to get to the aorta and out to the body.

2- Pulmonary Banding: a band is placed around the pulmonary artery to reduce blood flow (and pressure) to the lungs. This is done when the pressures on the lungs are too high. It is a temporary measure that allows time for the patient to grow with fewer complications until the heart is ready for the next surgical step.

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