Hi.  I’m Nanette and I’m a Heart Mom.


In 2008, my youngest twin was born with a complex combination of heart defects. [read more about Seraph’s Story]

I found it difficult to explain her heart defect to others.  I didn’t quite understand how her multiple defects all fit together.  I found four images that explained different parts of her heart’s anatomy.  However, I wasn’t sure if it was OK to use those images or if I was violating a copyright law by reposting them. That made me very uncomfortable.

In 2010, I started drawing custom heart images for heart moms (and dads!). [SEARCH or  Browse through the CATEGORIES near the top of the page to find your heart image OR click HERE to request a new heart image.]

Heart Baby Home provides heart images and text descriptions that may be re-posted or linked on blogs/carepages/facebook to help explain congenital heart defects.

I totally get how it feels when you see the heart image, because I felt that same way: “Wow, that’s my girl’s heart!”, “it makes more sense now that I can see it”, there’s also a sense of awe that she’s been through so much and her heart is so unique and seeing her heart’s image makes me feel more connected to her. It’s also a relief to have a snapshot to show people when they ask what’s up with her heart.  It really helps explain the surgeries! I feel a connection to each child as I draw their heart.  Your kids are amazing!

Blogging, facebook, carepages, or atleast a spokesperson is totally essential for new heart moms & dads.  Some days it’ll feel great to talk to people about it.  Other days talking about it one more time will drive you crazy.  Let me know if you need help setting up a blog or facebook account or finding a good support group.  Let me know if you need help posting the images.


Check out HeartBabyHome on YouTube for audio explanations of individual hearts.  This is a new service we started this year with favorable results.  Hubby says some people just respond better to audio/visual info.  Anyway, please subscribe to HeartBabyHome on YouTube and Facebook and Twitter.

CHD Awareness and Articles

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I hope that the heart images and text descriptions provided on the HeartBabyHome Website will ease the burden of other parents dealing with congenital heart defects during a stressful time.  I hope you’ll soon experience the marvelous joy of bringing your Heart Baby Home.

P.S.  If we don’t have a child’s specific heart defect, comment OR email us and we’ll make it!


Copyright Information

The heart images and text descriptions of CHDs on HeartBabyHome  may be be used for personal (non-commercial) use without violating copyright laws.  Please attribute the image or text to Heart Baby Home so other parents who need this service can easily find it. Click here for more copyright info for HeartBabyHome.