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(See list 1-9 for prices.  Scroll down for examples 1-4)*

1. Original Heart Image [color/text]:$22

– (original heart image colored WITH text descriptions)

                ~~~This is what most people order~~~

2. Original Heart Image [color]:$18

 – (Original Heart Image colored WITHOUT text descriptions)

3. Original Heart Image [B/W]:$16

– (Original Heart Image–OUTLINE ONLY–black and white)

~ ❤ ~

[color Original heart image required to get additional heart image]

4. +Additional Heart Image:$11/ea

(example: after Glenn, after Fontan, after atrial septostomy, etc.)

~ ❤ ~

[color Original heart image required to get high-res heart image]

5. +High Res image [Personal Use]:$20

 – (example: memory book, keepsake, etc.)

6. +High Res image [Fundraiser]:$20

 – (example: Heart Walk, other fundraiser)

7. +High Res image  [Commercial  and non-Personal Use]:$50

 – (example: book, art, jewelry to sell, etc)

~ ❤ ~ 

8. +Expedited Service Fee: $25

 – (Need your heart image in a hurry?) 

    • Expedited Service will bump you up to the top of my to-do list. I don’t expect people to choose this option often. But, if you need the heart image right away and you’re willing to pay the extra fee, let me know.
    • In addition to being first in line, you’ll also receive an update each day on the image’s progress.

9. +YouTube Video explaining heart defect (or heart defect and surgical procedures)** 



1. Original Heart image COLORED WITH TEXT example ($22):

-this is what most people order!!



2. Original Heart Image with COLOR example  ($18):



3. Original Heart Image OUTLINE ONLY example ($16):



4. +Additional Heart Image [must get color original heart image to get additional images] examples ($11/ea):





*Prices may change in the future, check this page for the most current pricing.

**YouTube videos have not been priced yet.  Please check with me if you’re interested in this option.


2 Thoughts to “PRICING”

  1. My son was born with TOF (all 4 of the defects), significant pulmonary valve stenosis, PDA, ASD, TAPVR, narrowing of pulmonary artery left side. had a BT Shunt placed to leave hospital after stabilizing for 5 weeks.
    That would be his first image the one with text description,
    Then for first add’t image: repair of ASD, VSD, opened pulmonary vale stenosis (they cut it open w/ free flow outflow track, no valve material remained, he has an open annulus), baffled his TAPVR to have inflow to left atrium. (surgeon stated he had bad plumbing and he fixed it… op report states baffled connections to LA from original RA connection), took down BT Shunt. still has open unrepaired Pulmonary valve area, no valve placed, free Pulmonary regurge present.
    Third image has BOVINE pulmonary valve placed (surgery scheduled for JULY 14, 2015.
    If you can give me a pricing quote and est completion. I just found your site and would love to give my son the images after he recovers from his PVR surgery. Thank you your work is amazing and helps so many to understand the CHD that affect our children!!!!

    1. I can help you with that. Please send me an email:


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